Requesting Music for Wedding Ceremonies

I always offer to learn and play a “new” special song or piece of music for clients, no extra charge, one that I have not played before and not on my song lists. I share my opinion about the song, depending on what ENSEMBLE they want, or if they want SOLO violin.

The engaged couple loves having this opportunity to help make their wedding ceremony music fit their vision. Some of these are current hits and some are old ones that they really want. After I add them to my Song Lists, I almost always I get a chance to play these songs again when future clients choose them also.

These are some of the ones I have had fun putting together in the last two years. I add them to my long lists on my Song Lists page which I update regularly.

Bridgerton Theme; How Does a Moment Last Forever (Beauty and the Beast); This Will be an Everlasting Love (a big hit for Natalie Cole);Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift); Ride the Lightning (Metallica); You Are the Best Thing (Ray LaMontagne); Hotel California (Eagles); Sea of Love (Honeydrippers); Arrival of the Birds (Cinematic Orchestra); Never Enough (The Greatest Showman); Jurassic Park theme; We’ve Only Just Begun (Carpenters); I Say a Little Prayer (Bachrach & David); Rock You Like a Hurricane (Comeback); Shine (Collective Soul); Wild Horses (Rolling Stones); Only Time (Enya); Where You Lead (Carole King); Just Once (James Ingram)

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