About Kate
Kate Obrien

Kate O’Brien

Kate plays all kinds of music. She moves seamlessly from elegant classical to swing and jazz, country fiddling, current rock, popular songs and ethnic music. She has extensive experience playing and leading ensembles at weddings, receptions, private events, concerts, schools, restaurants and recording studios. She loves writing her own arrangements so you can hear the music you want – requests are welcome!

She had her first professional experience playing with the Knoxville Symphony in Tennessee at age 15 (they paid for her violin lessons). After college, she spent 10 years playing electric violin and guitar, traveling throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean, and studying jazz with the legendary Linc Chamberland. She and her husband, a rock ‘n roll bass player, led their dance band, Elixir, playing nightclubs in CT – Kate was the only disco violinist around! She played with an all female C&W act, the Honky Tonk Angels, and spent a year on the road with the Julie Grant show.

After her children were born, she returned to classical and acoustic music, playing in CT orchestras, chamber music groups, acoustic bands, musical theater shows, and strolling at restaurants and private events.

Kate currently plays and sings with the swing group Moxie and performs in schools with the group Themselves, presenting original historical dramas She is a contracted violinist with the Greater Bridgeport Symphony, and was thrilled to have been under the baton of their well known Conductor and Music Director, Gustav Meier, until his retirement in April 2013. She also served as Personnel Manager for many years.

Playing her 1996 Andrius Faruolo violin, a Guarneri copy, has made Kate happier than anything she has ever purchased before or since. If you want more information about Andrius, please visit his website.